Sticks and Practice Pads

Sticks and Practice Pads
We carry a large line of drumsticks, practice pads and accessories.
Steven McWhirter Snare Sticks
Product ID : Steven Mcwhirter Snare Sticks
Beatstreet Snare Drummer Starter Kit With Book and CD
Product ID : Beatstreet starter kit
St. Laurence O'Toole snare drummer bundle
Product ID : St. Laurence O'Toole snare drummer bundle
Beatstreet Articulate Bass Mallets
Product ID : Beatstreet Articulate Bass Mallets
Beatstreet Bass Mallet Small
Product ID : Beatstreet Bass Mallet Small
Promark Stephen Creighton Activegrip Pipe Band Sticks
Product ID : Stephen Creighton ActiveGrip Pipe Band Snare Sticks
Beatstreet Practice Pad
Product ID : Beatstreet Practice Pad
Beatstreet PDX2 Snare Stick
Product ID : PDX2
Twisted Thistle Medalist Bass Sticks
Product ID : TWTME
Twisted Thistle Max Attacks Bass Sticks
Product ID : TWTMA
Jim Kilpatrick Snare Starter Kit
Product ID : JKSSK
Practice Pad - Rad Pad
Product ID : BPRP
TyFry Bass Sticks
Product ID : TFB
Snare Stick Bag
Product ID : MBTSBag
Practice Pad - Premier
Product ID : 1637
Practice Pad - Outlander
Product ID : OWP
Practice Pad - Jim Kilpatrick
Product ID : JKPP
Jim Kilpatrick KP2 Snare Sticks
Product ID : JKP2