New Products

New Products
Newly added products to our lineup
Beatstreet A3 Articulate Tenor Sticks
Hot Deal
Made to comply with customer demand, the new articulate tenor sticks by...
Beatstreet Articulate Bass Mallets
Hot Deal
New Articulate Bass Mallets from Beatstreet. Designed to compete with all...
Beatstreet Bass Mallet Small
This bass stick is ideally suited for more detailed playing. A medium density...
Beatstreet PDX2 Snare Stick
Hot Deal
NEW Beatstreet PDX2 Pipe band Snare Stick!
Beatstreet PDX2 Snare Stick Natural
Beatstreet PDX2 Pipe Band Snare Drum Stick Natural color
Beatstreet Practice Pad
Customize your Beatstreet Practice Pad
Custom Bass Drum Heads
Use your custom design, or have us design heads for you for an additional...
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Evans 300 Pipe Band Snare Bottom Head
Evans 300 Snare Side Heads are made of one 3-mil-thick ply of plastic - thin...
Evans G1 Clear Tenor Head
Hot Deal
NEW Evans G1 Pipe Band Tenor Head!
Evans MS-1 Tenor Drum Head
Evans™ MS1™ drum heads project warm, musical tones both indoors and...
Evans MX-1 Tenor Drum Head
Evans™ MX™ 1-Ply series includes a unique tone damping system that can be...
Evans Pipe Band Snare Head
Hot Deal
The Evans Pipe Band Snare Batter was designed with Stephen Creighton of the...
Maclellan Custom Bagpipes Complete Package
Hot Deal
Custom Complete MacLellan bagpipe package
Maclellan Revelation Bagpipes Complete Package
Hot Deal
Maclellan Revelation Delrin Bagpipes The new standard in polymer bagpipes.
R.G. Hardie Twist Trap Practice Pipes
Introducing Twist-Trap Practice Pipes Introducing Twist Trap Practice...
St. Laurence O'Toole snare drummer bundle
Hot Deal
Get the same heads and sticks used by one of the worlds top drum corps St....
Newly added products to our lineup