McCallum Bagpipes

McCallum bagpipes     A Sound Investment

Whether you are a serious competitor or just plain serious about the bagpipes you play, the choice of instruments in The Clasp Collection range of bagpipes harness luxurious refinement with uncompromising sound quality that only a set of McCallum Bagpipes can produce.

All sets listed here are Deluxe or Clasp sets.

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At Lone Star Piper, we know that bagpipes are a big investment.  We want to be sure that what you are ordering is designed to fit your playing style and body type.  We want your McCallum experience to be a positive one.

While this ordering process is designed to allow you to customize your set of pipes, please do not hestitate to contact me by filling in the e-mail form on our contact page with any questions or concerns about your order.   

Most sets are carried in our inventory.  Special engraving and custom upgrades are special order and may take up to 6 -8 weeks for delivery. 

McCallum AB Engraved Full Nickel Bagpipes
Product ID : ABEF
McCallum AB1 Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB1D
McCallum AB2 Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB2D
McCallum AB3 Engraved Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB3DE
McCallum AB3 Plain Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB3D
McCallum AB4 Engraved Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB4DE
McCallum AB4 Fire Dept Engraved Deluxe Bagpipes
Product ID : AB4DFD
McCallum AB6 Silver Engraved Bagpipes
Product ID : AB6
Call for price
McCallum AB8 Silver Engraved Bagpipes
Product ID : AB8
Call for price

McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufactured at their factory premises in Ayrshire by a team of highly skilled bagpipe makers – some of whom are experienced pipers, providing you with the peace of mind that all McCallum Bagpipes products are made by true experts.

View the complete McCallum Digital Brochure here